THE dream journey


The Dream Journey was born with the seed of intent to inspire others to live their dreams. By living his own, Nathan Thoen set off on a mission to capture as many dreams as possible asking anyone and everyone "What's your dream journey?". His only rule to the people he asked was to "make sure you say something you really want to do".  With hundreds of people pouring out their hearts and sharing their dreams, Nathan hopes this project will help inspire the masses to live the life they want to live and make talking about our big dreams, less taboo.

Paired with his kindergarten best friend Ian Harris, the two took their 84’ Toyota Camper Van across North America capturing dreams as they lived their own; filming, surfing, writing, snowboarding, and skateboarding down the west coast. Along the way Nathan documented the journey, capturing over 100 people's dreams on film. He is now editing a short that he plans to enter in film festivals around the world.

Nathan's main goal for this project was to inspire others to go out and do what they want in life. Through the power of love and technology he hopes this film will start a snowball effect of dream sharing that will both inspire positivity and ignite action. For himself, the project has forever changed his outlook on life. The importance of a society living a life focused on experiencing the dreams (no matter the size) we desire will continue to push us all forward. He now tries to ask these questions more and more and is already looking into creating another media project to keep The Dream Journey flowing.

For those who are wondering, Nathan's personal Dream Journey is to create the most unique, amazing, travel show this world has ever experienced.